Sunday, June 1, 2008

Surprise from Kismet Cinema!

If you were one of the couples filmed by Kismet Cinema this year you might recognize the groom in this video! Ron Hipol is one of the cinematographers was married this Thursday, May 29th 2008. Oliver Ramirez, his bestman (another one of our talented cinematographers) decided to take one of our video cameras to document the prep and ceremony.

I knew the reception was going to be Saturday at Ron's home and we were going to be there, so I had an idea. I called up Oliver on my way to work that Thursday morning and told him that I wanted to work on a surprise highlight video and to contact the friends of the Jessica and Ron to meet at my house that evening and to bring old photos and the footage that Oliver got from the wedding that day. When everyone arrived we were able to shoot some interviews in my garage with a black background and one of the chairs from my kitchen! We wrapped up all of the interviews and gathering of photos by 11pm!

As soon as I got home on Friday I began editing. This was a huge challenge for me since I've been spoiled by usually having 3 camera angles to work with when editing. This time I only have shots from one camera to edit into a roughly 4 minute song! I finished by Saturday morning! When Saturday evening finally came, I was really excited to surprise Ron and Jessica at their reception! Another reason for my anticipation was that my wife usually does the booking and scheduling for the weddings and is not able to see the SDE's in person. This time I was able to see the reaction from her and the bride and groom when watching the video.

Congratulations Jessica and Ron!

Click on the link below to see Jessica and Ron's surprise highlight video!

Click on the link below to see the interview portion of the video. This part is usually shown before the highlight or same day edit. The music in this segment was personalized and chosen by the person interviewed.