Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Work In Progress

A new post! Sorry it took so long. I finally found some time to post a couple of our recent projects. We've had a lot of fun working on developing new and interesting ways to film our weddings! Stay tuned for more Kismet Cinema Films.


Christine and Kris

It was a pleasure working with Christine and Kris. They have a really great "how we met story" that dates back to junior high! We began to film their love story shoot at a nearby park, when Christine mentioned that they met in junior high/high school. The location was not too far from where we were shooting! So we decided to pack up and resume filming where it all began!

This is what we came up with...

Their wedding ceremony was held at the Orfilia Vineyards. The weather couldn't be any better. Right after the ceremony I found a quiet place to tuck and hide away and work on the Same Day Edit. Here it is...

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They also had a photobooth provided by we decided to have a little fun with it...

Dream and Warren

Dream and Warren were married in San Diego at the Sheraton Hotel. They were a great couple to work with! We had a great time filming the scenes prior to and during the day of the ceremony!

Dream and Warren are huge fans of the Ocean's 11 series! When they asked us if we could do their wedding video with an "Ocean's 11 theme" I was a bit worried at first since I was so used to our comfort zone and style of shooting. But after Cathie mentioned that it would be great way to test our creative potential and "give it a shot", we did. Keep in mind that this is not an exact scene from the Ocean's 11 series but an intro to their Same Day Edit with an Ocean's 11 theme to it.

We had a great time shooting their Same Day Edit! Check out the intro, (Thanks to our newest member of Kismet Cinema, Vincent Sangalang) it is the scene from Ocean's 13 between Terry Benedict and Danny Ocean. The photo below was taken during the reception right before we premiered the video. (Great shot Ron!)

Tamina and Mark's Trailer

Here is another trailer for Tamina and Mark's wedding currently in process and soon to be released on DVD. I had a lot of help by Oliver and Ron here at Kismet who have been working on their editing skills!

Check out this trailer we put together!

Natalie and Ken's "Teaser" Trailer!

One of the latest projects that I'm working on is about to be completed! I wanted to experiment and make a "Teaser" Trailer. Since Natalie and Ken will be receiving their completed DVD soon I didn't want to give too much away in the trailer.

So here it is...