Thursday, October 23, 2008

Happy Anniversary

They say that the "right one" brings out the best in you. Four years ago today, Cathie and I got married! If it wasn't for Cathie's support and belief in my work, Kismet Cinema would never have existed!

From the beginning we always knew that we had a unique connection. I always threw around the word "Kismet" which means "fate;destiny". Hence the name for our business. With our day jobs it was really easy to get stuck in the boring day to day routine. I decided to take my CA real estate exam, passed it, but knew that it wasn't me. One thing that I could never get tired of was editing home videos of our son Aidan.

Then one day driving home from a long day at work it came to me. I couldn't wait to come home and tell Cathie. She fully supported the idea and agreed to work on the business side while I did the fun stuff (editing and shooting). Then my brother-in-law Oliver came on board, then came Ron and Vince and the rest is history!

It's been such an adventure from the birth of our two sons Aidan and Gavin to the launch of Kismet Cinema. I look forward to the future when we'll be that old couple sitting on the porch still cracking jokes until our dentures fall out!

Happy Anniversary

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Anna & Shaun Stone

We had the pleasure of filming Anna and Shaun Stone's wedding this past Sunday. One unique feature of their Wedding Slideshow is that the couple was already married! They planned the perfect wedding and renewed their vows at the Tustin Ranch Golf Club. I had a great time putting together the slideshow for the Stone Family. They have two children, Shaun Jr. and Alaysia that I made sure to incorporate into the slideshow and storyline.

Below are two clips from the slideshow, the intro and the portion that leads right into the Same Day Edit.

We also had the chance to reunite and work with Jesse Weldon Photography. Jesse was at our very first wedding shoot last year for Paul and Desiree!

Kismet Cinema proudly presents The Stone Family Same Day Edit!

Monday, October 13, 2008

Cheryl and Nick

We had a great time working with Cheryl and Nick! For their pre-wedding day footage they wanted an "urban" street look. Unfortunately, our meeting place was in Temecula where we were limited to track homes and freshly cut grass areas! So we decided to drive around to look for a better location. That's when we found a loading area in the rear parking lot of a "TJ Maxx"! This is what we came up with...

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The wedding was at a great location at the Pointe Winery in Temecula, California. We worked along side with great vendors on the day of the wedding; Atrero Photography were shooting with us and were a pleasure to work with! Christine Lee the wedding coordinator and Warren Nocon the MC, helped us with the wedding reception itinerary so that we could deliver the Slideshow/Same Day Edit on time! And my crew Vince Sangalang and Oliver Ramirez your film footage rocked! Without your help there is NO way I could've finished the Same Day Edit that fast!

Without further adieu, here is Kismet Cinema's latest Same Day Edit...