Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Vanessa and Vinh

We had an exciting weekend filming the wedding of Vanessa and Vinh Tran at the mansion located at the Ambassador Campus in Pasadena, Ca.

Vanessa and Vinh have been together for 15 years! Check out their website: http://www.vinhandvanessa.weddingwindow.com/indx.cfm . It was an honor for Kismet Cinema to be there on their special day and thank you Vanessa and Vinh for choosing us to document it!

Here are a couple of photos taken by Vince Sangalang during the shoot.

There was a bit of a challenge with this wedding because they scheduled a Tea Ceremony and the traditional wedding for the in the same day and wanted a "Same Day Edit" to be shown at the reception later that night!

When it came to showtime I finished my edit right in the nick of time! The MC for the night DJ Icy Ice announced "And now a presentation by Kismet Cinema..." right after I grabbed my laptop and rushed to connect it to the projector! I felt like I hit the three-pointer right at the buzzer! Thanks to Oliver Ramirez and Vince Sangalang who were a huge help getting great footage and keeping me posted on how much time I had left!

To see the "Same Day Edit" click on link below!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Kyle Oracion's 1st Birthday

We had an exciting time filming Kyle's first birthday at Universal Studios Globe Theater this past weekend! The whole set up was amazing. There was even a surprise visit from Doc Brown from the "Back To The Future" movies to bring everyone back in time to sing "Happy Birthday" to Kyle at the exact time he was born! We were referred by and had the pleasure working with Ja Tecson's team of talented photographers.

Here's a couple of screen shots taken from the video we took!